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              Advance UST Testing LLC  Columbus, Ohio 

Advance UST Testing LLC has 20 years experience in the testing and evaluation of storage tanks, piping, and associated equipment.
  All of our tank testing procedures and services meet  BUSTR regulations for yearly compliance obligations ,upgrade and "new build" testing requirements . All technicians are certified by ATS Inc., Training Service Inc. and are current BUSTR installer certification licensees. We target our services to small and medium sized owners/operators, oil suppliers and UST installation/repair companies. This allows us to maintain a more personalized service while offering a lower cost to the customer as compared to larger testing companies.
 Our service area includes Ohio and northern areas of Kentucky.       

Services offered

Tank testing -
Precision tank testing utilizing the MESA 2D tank testing system
The Mesa system is the only tank test system in the field that utilizes digital technology
to transform and analyze acoustical signals at the source.
Ohio`s other large corporate testing companies utilize test equipment that is solely dependent
on technician's hearing ability/interpretation. No computer data analyzation is possible with their systems.
Also available: USTest 2001p and 2001u systems.

Product line testing- Product line pressure testing utilizing the AcuRite line test system.

Product line leak detector testing- Electronic and mechanical line leak detector evaluation utilizing certified VMI LDT-890 system.

Stage 2 vapor testing- CARB vapor testing of the stage 2 vapor system, including dynamic pressure/blockage, static leak , and air to liquid ratio testing.

athodic protection testing- Tank cathodic protection testing.

On site tank monitor/release detection evaluation- Evaluation and adjustment of on site tank monitoring/ release detection equipment. Review in house test data for monthly monitoring compliance.  

Containment Sump/sensor testing- Tank containment and ancillary equipment testing. Containment sensor testing.

Operational compliance form review- Review of BUSTR Operational Compliance Form

Our Clients 
 A sample of our current clients includes:
Certified Oil Co.                SMMCO Construction
Englefield Oil Co.             Advance Fuel Systems
Bazell Oil Co                     Beck Suppliers
Ottawa Oil Co.                  Petco Construction
US Postal Service            Layton Excavation
Ohio State University        Petroleum Plus Services
City Of Columbus             DL Miller Construction

Contact us
Due to the proximity of our service area, our personnel may be in a "out of phone service area". The best way to contact us is via email, someone will return your inquiry within 24 hours. 
Thank you for your interest in Advance UST Testing LLC